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You Can’t Master Internet Marketing Until You Learn to Communicate

When you first start to get into IM and test the waters a bit, it’s not hard to get overwhelmed. As you sort through information in articles and online discussion boards, you’ll find all kinds of lists featuring « how you too can be the next big thing! » They are going to look like contradict each other. One list will tell you that becoming the next « big thing » is all about exercising patience. Business savvy is another claim frequently made by these lists. You’ll also see a few that will tell you that you have to be really creative if you want to succeed. And, as can be expected, there are going to be loads of sales pages claiming they have the software program or training to teach you how to be the next big thing.

Here’s what’s true: All of these things count (well, perhaps not the software, but the other things). You must be diligent and smart about business and creative if you desire to get ahead. Nonetheless, none of those things are going to matter if you are not able to distinctly communicate all of them to the people you want to purchase from you.

Good communication involves more than merely having a convincing sales page. All you need to have a great sales page is the money to engage the services of a gifted copywriter. Good communication is more than having a gorgeous site with an extensive FAQ area. A seasoned designer and writer can make those happen. Being a good communicator requires learning to handle interpersonal communication as well as your copy and web site. So what should you do?

1. Answer each e-mail you get in one day. We aren’t joking with you. You don’t need to write a lengthy response for each email. All you have to do is let the sender know that you have read the email and will be replying to it in full shortly. Try to include text that references something the sender has written. This helps the person emailing you tell you apart from the auto responders that everybody else utilizes.

2. Answer your phone. Avoid screening calls. You should always try to answer the telephone by the third ring. Do this even if you seriously have no desire to talk to the person calling you. There’s great news about this rule. You don’t have to fret about being tied to your phone 24 hours a day. Instead of this, specify good « business » hours that you can take phone calls. Let your business hours known on your website and include them in your voice mail message. And, naturally, each individual who leaves a message deserves a call back.

3. Follow up with individuals to be certain that they have gotten your memos, emails, letters, etc. This will show the person that you truly care about keeping in touch with them. It will endear you further if you include something like, « Is there anything that I can be more clear about? » so that, if they have queries, you can answer them.Source: limu company

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