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You Can’t Dominate the Online Marketing Roost If You Suck at Communicating

When you first start to get into Internet marketing and explore the waters a bit, it’s not difficult to become overwhelmed. You’ve maybe already read many articles and forum posts that are full of information on how to be the next « big thing ». All of these lists are going to seem to negate each other. One will say that you have to be patient if you want to be the next big thing. Another is going to tell you that you must have a lot of business savvy. Still, another will tell you that creativity is what will make you a success. And, naturally, there are going to be lots of sales pages claiming they have the software system or class to teach you how to be the next big thing.

The truth is that all of these things are crucial to your success (well, possibly not all of those software systems, but the other stuff). You do need to have patience, business savvy and creativity if you desire to be successful. None of these things will matter much, all the same, if you can’t communicate well with your target audience.

Good communication means more than just coming up with a fantastic sales page. All you need for that is the money to employ a gifted copywriter. There is more to effective communication than constructing a pretty website that has a long FAQ. You can have a pretty site with an extensive FAQ section by engaging the services of skilled web designers and writers. If you wish to be a good communicator, you must develop interpersonal communication skills, not merely straightforward copywriting. So what are you supposed to do to be a good communicator?

1. Answer every single e-mail you get in one day. This isn’t a joke. Your reply doesn’t need to be long. All you need to do is inform the sender that you have read the email and will be replying to it fully shortly. When you do this, include a reference to the other person’s e-mail. This helps the person you email tell your mail apart from the automated replies that other Internet marketers employ.

2. Answer your phone. Don’t be a call screener. When your telephone is ringing, pick it up by the third ring. This is true even if you truly don’t wish to talk to the person calling you. There’s one good news about this rule. You don’t have to be attached to the telephone 24/7. Instead, just set clear « business » hours during which you are available answer phone calls. Put out these hours on your site and in your voice mail message as well. And, obviously, every caller who leaves a message deserves to have his call returned.

3. Check with people to be certain that your messages and emails have truly been delivered. This demonstrates to them that you care about your communication with them. It will help your clients and buyers trust you even more if you really take the time to ask if they have any questions about your messages so that they can ask you to clear up anything they need clarified.Source: limu company


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